Are there any plants that do not absorb carbon?



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    Good question, bright26.  The answer sort of depends on what is classified as a plant in the first place.  For example, algae and fungus used to be considered plants a long time ago, but have since been classified separately.  If you would have asked this question back then, fungi would have been a “plant” that didn’t utilize carbon for photosynthesis.  Now, though, there are still some exceptional plants that do not use carbon dioxide.  First, there are autotrophic plants, the ones that exclusively use photosynthesis.  There and also semi-parasitic and insectivorous plants that use photosynthesis, as well as other means, to gather nutrients.  The plants that don’t need co2 are called holo-parasitic, and micro-heterophytes.  Holo-parasitic and micro-heterophytes are both plants that steal their nutrients from autotrophic host plants, and both of them do not carry out photosynthesis, and do not need co2.

    Hope this helps!

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