Are there any plants that cannot grow in light?



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    Plants, by definition, need light to grow. They grow via a process called Photosynthesis that utilizes light to create food for the plant. There are some shade-loving plants, that can grow in darker areas, but no plants that grow without any light. 

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    Light is a very important factor in determining plant survival and growth. Even indoor plants need access to artificial sunlight (lamps) or natural sunlight through windows. Notice how the leaves of an indoor plant grows and faces towards the sun and the leaves on highest point of the plant are healthier than the leaves on the bottom. Like rachelk said, there are plants that require little or partial shade, which may only need less than 4-6 hours of sunlight per day; yet, all plants need sunlight to survive and grow. It is quite impossible for plants to grow without sunlight, considering how sunlight is the essence of living for plants.

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