Are there any plants that can live without any water?



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    I haven’t found any plants that don’t need any water; all or most living organisms need some amount of water to function.

    There are lots of plants that need very little water or no water after establishment, though.  Try native desert plants.

    Attached is an eco-friendly garden site with “waterwise” perennials.

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    You should check out the gardening practice of xeriscaping. I have lived in a high plains desert area for most of my life and the art of xeriscaping has been perfected and it tailors specifically to plants that do no need a lot of water. Check out the link in the citations below to learn more and see what kind of plants are good for xeriscaping. To summarize a few of the plants listed, the Lily of the Nile, the Big Bluestem, the Serbian Bellflower, Emu Bush, Jacaranda tree, Lavander, Rosemary, Mexican Bush Sage, Manzanita, Belladonna Lily, Cape Mallow, Red Apple, Rockrose, Island Bush Snapdragon, and many, many more!

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