Are there any plants that can live if you cut their roots?



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    Rooted plants need to be planted in soil and they need their roots to absorb water and nutrients. Some plants which are more resilient like shrubs and weeds may survive if they were replanted after roots were cut; they may form new root systems.

    There are rootless plants, like the Pterospora andromedea  which normally grows at the base of pine trees. The plant forms a symbiotic relationship with a specific type of fungus which feeds the plant with nutrients from dead organic matter.

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    Many plants can be cut away from their original roots and grafted onto new roots. This method is used when the plant’s original roots are susceptible to certain diseases. Wine grapes are often grafted in this manner. In places infested with Phylloxera (most wine-growing regions), young Vitis Vinifera vines are grafted onto a rootstock species that often does not produce good grapes for wine, but also does not get damage from Phylloxera.

    Some plants will grow new roots if you just take a small cutting of stem or grow new stem and leaves if you just take a small cutting of root. So, Yes! Plants can live if you cut their roots.

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