Are there any plants that are really dangerous to humans?



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    There are numerous plants that can be harmful to humans, some of which can even have fatal outcomes. There are the obvious choices such as Poison Oak or Ivy that will cause severe skin irritations and can lead to illness if not treated or if one is particularly sensitive. But, there are plants that put these everyday plants to shame. The Western Water Hemlock is considered the most violently toxic plant in North America. A member of the carrot family, the Western Water Hemlock if ingested will wreak havoc on the central nervous system causing seizures which can lead to loss of consciousness and eventually death. The Angel Trumpet, which is commonly found in South America, is also very dangerous. The plant contains scopolamine, a drug that can have medical uses but, when used improperly, can daze a human to a point that they are not aware to the world around them. A report from Colombia claims that some thieves extracted this drug from the Angel Trumpet, blew it in the face of a man, stunned him, and robbed him completely. Even though the man was completely conscious, he does not remember anything from the event.

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