Are there any planets like Earth?



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    Not that we know about. We’ve taken on a find the water find the life mentality to space exploration and we’ve found nothing else with any kind of significant amounts of water. Some planets show signs that they used to have water and some even have trace amounts of ice. But nothing we have found is anything like our wonderful and wonderfully unique Earth.

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    To date, no planet has been discovered that is exactly the same as Earth. However scientists have discovered a planet that could be similar to Earth, it is about 120 trillion miles from Earth and is being called Gliese 581c. This planet is at the appropriate temperature to have liquid water on its surface, it could be covered in oceans and support life. Gliese 581c is about 12,000 miles across and has a mass fives times that of the Earth. This planet will most likely be the target of space missions that are looking for extraterrestrial life.

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    Some of the planets have some similarities with the earth. For instance, some of them have satelites which revolve round their planets, they planets revolve round the sun in their orbits in an anti- clockwise direction, they contain gases etc. But none of them has exactly the same behaviour as the earth. The earth has its distinct features which made it different from other planets. Such features are: its revolution is usually 365 1/4 days and maintains its orbit alone among other peculiarities.

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