Are there any places that only have one season?



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    Every place on earth has four seasons, including the poles.  The seasons may vary in length, however.  Also, the northern and southern hemisphere have inverted seasons from one another, for example, the northern hemisphere has summer while the southern hemisphere has winter.  

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    Tropics don’t have a very distinct set of four seasons, with a warm, humid “tropical climate” all year round. Even in these places, though, there’s a distinction between “wet” and “dry” seasons. Every place on earth, by definition (tilt of earth), has four seasons, but the practical distinctions vary.

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    On the Northern California coast the seasons all seem the same too. Damp, foggy and 55 degrees nearly year round. However, there is a subtle difference between the seasons. Everywhere is subject to the changes in the amount of light based on the rotation of the Earth and its tilt either toward or away from the sun.

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