Are there any pictures that can illustrate global warming?



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    In the link below, you’ll find a picture of the causes and effects of global warming. It isn’t just a montage of random oil drums and dead plants though, it’s an actual sort of chart that revolves around the Earth and what’s going on with global warming.

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    Here is a great slideshow of what has deemed the “7 Terrifying Global Warming Pictures” which shows pictures of animals, nature, and civilization which show how global warming has taken it’s toll on all aspects of civilization.

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    I like this picture because its a good depiction of what could happen in the future.  While I understand that it is a dramatization, I think it is good for people to get an image in their head of what life could be like if we don’t change our ways.

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    This photo is so striking and terrifying, and I think it perfectly embodies the message of what will happen as global warming barrels onward. It’s really scary to think about, but images like this one make me feel that perhaps we’ve gone too far—how can we go back from this extreme?

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    I think satellite imagery of the difference in sea ice over the last 25 years or so present a pretty stark image. These are from NASA.


    According to research done by the Goddard Space Flight Center, “since 1979 we’ve seen that Arctic perennial sea ice cover has been declining at 9.6 percent per decade“. Almost 10% per decade is huge – the ice melts seen have become “double-Texas sized”. I think this is a vey visceral image of global warming.

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    This particular picture, I feel illustrates global warming. For starters, we have all heard about human’s impact on the environment–this clearly shows that. Secondly, when I look at this I cannot help but feel uncomfortably warm.

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