Are there any people that take care of the rainforests?



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    Yes. All kinds of people work in the rainforest —from foresters to loggers, from scientists to naturalists. You yourself can help by not buying products you feel are wasteful to trees and the environment. You can also vote in office political leaders who support the effort to save the rainforest. You can donate to organizations that wish to protect the rain forest.

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    Forests, and Rain forests in particular, have countless amounts of organizations and volunteers helping to save and preserve them.  While there are many things we can do on an individual level to help out, the World Directory of Forest Rain forest Protection Organizations has compiled a list of nearly all the major organizations fighting to protect our forests throughout the world.  Check out their site to get an idea just how many people work to help the rain forests.

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    There’s also community forests, run by indigenous people working with environmental organizations.  The indigenous people live off the forest sustainiably while protecting it from threats such as poachers and illegal logging.  

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    Large areas of rainforest in the US, especially Alaska, are managed by the US Forest Service.

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