Are there any paint recycling centers in San Diego?



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    Paint isn’t considered recyclable, but the container can be recycled at household hazardous waste collection facilities, which San Diego does indeed have. Also, at the facilities, workers will properly dispose of the paint, and oftentimes, they will collect usable paint that can be resold or given away.

    Here is a list of household hazardous waste collection facilities in or near San Diego:

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    You can also recycle your paint by donating it to those in need such as high schools, community centers, local charities, or programs such as Habitat for Humanity.  You can also try using it in future projects, either for the home or for arts & crafts.

    The City of San Diego Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program does take paint, latex paint, paint thinners, and paint strippers.  They can be reached at: 858.694.7000.

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    Many hardware stores offer latex paint recycling through individual contractors.  I would check out ones near your home!

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