Are there any other states that are having invasive species hunts like Florida is going to have?



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    There are some states that advocate hunting of invasive or pest species and try to incorporate them into their cusine in hopes the locals will remove the invasive species for thier meals.

    Here is another type of invasive species hunt in Hawaii.  They are having a problem with a plant species called miconia, which can grow up to 50ft tall and starve the native plants of nutrients and sunlight.  There is also concern that it could provide a fire threat if it becomes dried out, thus there are organizations that hike through the natural forests in Hawaii to remove these invasive plants.

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    I know of programs in the Pacific Northwest that organize groups in an effort to eradicate English Ivy. It will be a problem wherever it takes root if it has ample water, so people are discouraged from planting it anywhere. Another highly invasive species is Kudzu; it is primarily seen in the American south, but also should not be planted anywhere. There are so many invasive plant species (and many existing programs for their eradication-often organized by concerned community members); to find such groups, I would suggest researching which plant is a problem in your region, contacting local environmental organizations, and asking where you can volunteer for a “hunt”. To see a list of invasive plants and the states affected see:

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    Not quite a hunt with a rifle, but the hunt for preventing the spread of the quagga mussel is in operation in many states. Quagga and zebra mussels were introduced in the 1980s, hitching a ride on the ballasts of ships from Europe, and initially colonizing the Great Lakes. The first mussel in Lake Mead, Nevada was discovered in 2007. A mere two years later, their numbers were in the trillions, crowding and causing the death of native species, clouding the water, and clogging pipelines.

    The “hunt” for them is now on boats traveling from contaminated areas to areas so far free of mussels, with millions of dollars dedicated to the mandatory inspection, decontamination, and quarantine of infected boats. They even have mussel-sniffing dogs on site to help scrutinize incoming boats. But some experts say their spread is inevitable nation-wide.

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