Are there any other planets that have similar weather to earth?



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    Almost certainly, but they have not yet been discovered. If you mean in the solar system, then Mars has things like wind (and dust storms), probably ice that thaws and freezes and maybe flowing water at times. Those are similarities, but they certainly do not mean that Mars is very much like earth.

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    Our weather is defined by a large concentration of water and our temperature range — there is a very large amount of water in the universe (many many orders of 10 above what we have on earth), and in every solar system, it would be almost a statistical impossibility for there not to be a planet in the same temperature range. The issue, then, is finding such planets — Hubble and other satellites are looking, but the technology isn’t ready to get close enough to get stronger data. In the solar system, Venus’s upper atmoshpere has a similar temperature and atmospheric pressure to earth, and Mars is a popular comparison, but neither really resemble Earth’s weather.

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