Are there any other habitable planets?



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    Possibly, but none that have been discovered yet. As technology improves planets that are currently uninhabitable will become habitable. Example: The Moon and Mars are not currently habitable, but I am fairly certain we will see a Moon base and maybe even a Mars settlement in the next century. We are already putting hotels in space and planning the first commercial space flights. This is the dawning of a new space age.

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    Currently, no other inhabitable planets have been found with 100 percent certainty of life. One planet that could be able to support life is Gliese 581d. Measurements have been taken on the planet that show there could be liquid water on the planet. An astronomer from Geneva University in Switzerland believes that it could be a life-supporting planet and could have an ocean on its surface. This planet is about 20.5 light years away from Earth.

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