Are there any other cities besides San Francisco trying to remove their street parking to increase bike ridership?



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    Yes, there are many cities adopting the practice of removing street parking or at least creating seperate bike lanes for cyclists. Cities like Minneapolis, Portland and Boulder have all adopted bike friendly practices, including removal of less used parking spaces for bike lanes. 

    Here is a list of top 50 bike friendly cities for more info.

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    New York has added bike and bus lanes over the past few years. Since the addition of these bike lanes, bike ridership has dramatically increased (262% in the last decade)! What good news! Now, I do remember that car drivers were complaining about these new bike lanes. On Columbus Avenue, however, the new bike lane has slowed down traffic and made it safer to cross. Check out the first citation for an interesting video about bike lanes in NYC.

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    Austin has also taken many measures to create and promote a bicycle-friendly environment. The City of Austin Streets Smarts Task Force, created in 2007 and concluded in 2008, suggested conversion of four-lane streets to two-lane streets with a center two-way left turn lane, bike lanes, and pedestrian walkways. The City of Austin also removed parking spaces that were within 20 feet of intersections, especially on bike routes. For a much more detailed look at the conclusions and suggestions of the Streets Smarts Task Force, you can look at the following link:

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