Are there any other canyons like the grand canyon just not as big?



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    Arizona has several canyons. Here is a breakdown: Antelope, Oak Creek, Walnut Canyon, Ramsey, Canyon de Chelly, and Aravaipa.

    Other states have canyons too and there is a list on wiki. (2nd link)

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    Yes. One is the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (also called Tsangpo Canyon) in Tibet in China. It is a contestant for the title of the biggest one – it is longer than the Grand Canyon in United States, as well as by some measurements deeper. Another one is the Copper Canyon in Mexico, which is actually a system of six canyons that combined are larger and in some places deeper than the Grand Canyon. There many other large and smaller gorges, see the site below for a pretty big list of notable ones:

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