Are there any other animals besides birds that wind turbines interfere with?



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         Oftentimes the construction of turbines on mountaintops includes blowing off the top of the mountain with explosives to clear space for building the mills.  This can lead to erosion, in which a great deal of earth is deposited into streams and carried into rivers.   This affects the PH and kills fresh water marine life including many fish.  

    There is also running controversy about whether or not the noise of offshore turbines, specifically during the construction period, interfere with the sonar systems of whales, seals, and porpoises.

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    The only animal really on par with the negative effects of wind turbines as birds, are bats.  Especially at night, when bats are most active, wind farms pose a very real and dangerous threat to bats as not only the blades of the turbine threaten crush the bats, but that the structures and spinning blades hinder the bats’ ecolocation.

    New studies have been conducted revealing that the color of the wind turbine, the tower itself can play a large role in the deaths of these birds and bats.  This example actually focuses on the bats’ diet, and how the insects that they generally eat are attracted to the whites and grays which our turbines are currently painted.  The study reveals that these insects are much less attracted to more vibrant colors such as a deep red or purple.

    Lastly, the construction of these vast wind farms can lead to serious environmental degredation.  Erecting these large structures in wilderness areas can lead to erosion from access roads and the supporting infrastructure of electrical plants will again take away natural wildlife habitat.

    An annecdotal reference regarding a wind-turbine farm near Backbone Mountain, WV, sheds light on the darker side of “clean energy” where reportedly between 1,500 and 4,000 birds and bats are killed every autumn from only 44 turbines.

    “I looked around me, to a place where months before had been prime country for deer, wild turkey, and black bear, to see positively no sign of any of the animals about at all. This alarmed me, so I scouted in the woods that afternoon. All afternoon, I found no sign, sight, or peek of any animal about.”

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