Are there any organizations (or schools) that are completely (or mostly) paperless?



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    Yes, there seems to be several organizations attempting to go paperless and some that have already achieved this feat. For instance, at Eminence Middle School (home of the “Paperless Classroom”) in Kentucky, one teacher – Stephanie Sorrell – has transformed her seventh and eighth grade classrooms into paperless classrooms. She has done this with the help of a personal digital assistant (PDA) which enables children in her classes to receive homework assignments and tests through an infrared beam from their teacher’s PDA. 

    The Grandview School District in Hillsboro, MO is initiating a pilot project at Grandview High School to go paperless. District officials are distributing Haipad Android electronic tablets to teachers and students at the high school in lieu of textbooks, notebooks, pens, and pencils. 

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