Are there any organisms that absorb carbon in our oceans?



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    The photosynthetic plankton and algae use CO2 (and sunlight) as an energy source.  They convert the gas into sugars, similar to terrestrial plants.  One example is cyanobacteria.  This unicellular bacterium has a structure called a carboxysome that processes CO2 into sugars for fuel.  Cyanobacteria are one of the most abundant organisms on earth and appear to be responsible for 40% of the carbon cycle.

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    One of the world’s greatest carbon absorbers reside in our oceans, Phytoplankton.  It i said that Phytoplankton absorb as much Carbon Dioxide from our atmosphere as terrestrial plants do, and it is estimated that these tiny algal-based organisms produce around half of all oxygen on our planet.  These facts are glaring reasons why we have to take better care of our oceans.  Phytoplankton are very susceptible to any changes in water temperature and chemical conditions, making them a clear indicator of our Ocean health.

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