Are there any organic hair dyes?



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    Many people are concerned about the toxic chemicals used in conventional hair dyes and bleaching methods and look for natural and organic alternatives. There are no hair dyes that are completely organic, but many that try to limit the toxic chemicals or add natural ingredients. The closest you can get to organic hair dye is henna and vegetable-based dyes, but these can yield inconsistent or unsatisfactory results and tend not to last very long.

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    There are no hair dyes that are completely organic. Synthetic materials are what make hair dyes bond with the hair shaft and produce consistent results. You can dye or alter the color of your hair with natural products, like lemon juice or henna, but the results are not always the same.

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    Like the previous answers have said – there is no such as thing as organic hair dyes. However, you can choose to buy hair dyes that are free of harmful chemicals like ammonia or benzene. It’s better for you health, as ammonia is also liked to problems with your lung amongnst other things. A safer option is Light Mountain – it’s a brand that is safe from ingredients like that and costs around $16 on Amazon. A bit pricey, but well worth it.

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