Are there any organic face creams?



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    There are tons of organic face creams!  My favorite are the Kiss My Face, Yes to Carrots, and Alba lines.  These are the relatively inexpensive ones that are easy to find in most drug stores.  There are tons online that are a bit more expensive and are probably more potent.  Dr. Hauschke (I believe that’s how you spell it) is very well known, but a little out of my price range.  Hope this helps!

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    There are few skin care lines that actually are certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as organic. This is the only certain way to know that the product you’re buying is made completely of organic ingredients. Some better known brands are Badger Balm, Dr. Bronner, Organicare, and Terresentials. Check out more at the link below 🙂

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    There are several brands of organic face creams, but I really like Organoderm. All of the ingredients are organic and use natural bio-actives. The packaging is completely recyclable. These products were developed by a doctor in order to create the best nutrition for your face.

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    John Masters Organics is among the highest rated, eco-friendly lines of body and haircare products and moisturizers. Check them out!

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    John Masters Organics is definitely among the most highly-rated organic skin care brands. You can also check out Pevonia, ilike and Suki, though.

    Organic face creams are actually fairly easy to find now.

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    Eminence produces creams, serums and masks which are highly regarded. They are quite pricey though.

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    Definately! Check out Bee Yummy Skin Food! It’s completely organic, but a bit pricey but it has great reviews on Amazon and It’s made from WildHoney Flower, Honey Cappings, Bee Pollen, St. John’s wort oil, purified water, royal jelly and balsam fir needles for fragrance. Balsam Fir is also a great source of vitamin C!

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