Are there any old legos that are worth a lot of money on eBay?



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    Right now there are a few pretty expensive old Lego sets on eBay. One of the most expensive is a “Rare Lego Star Wars Diorama” that is priced at $8,500 (

    The most expensive Lego item on eBay right now is an offer to build a house almost entirely out of Legos. The estimated price is listed at $750,000.

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    This probably changes almost daily, but there is a Lego display on eBay for $12,000. . On this site there is also information about a Lego recycling program.

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    I thought you might find this interesting: this source has the five most expensive LEGO sets. It is mainly the Star Wars Collector Series that is th emost expensive, with most of the sets costing about $500.

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    no, legos are cheap and made of plastic. It is the person who puts the value on the legos.

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