Are there any numbers on plastics that cannot be recycled?



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    It depends on where you live. Some areas only recycle certain numbers while others have programs that accept any and all numbers. I would check with your local recycling agency directly to find out. I’ve linked a couple of sites that are very informative about what each plastic is and why they’re easy/difficult to recycle.

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    Usually plastic number 7 (other) is the most difficult to recycle because it is not specific about what the plastic is made out of.  Plastic resin recycling codes are somewhat misleading because they look like a recycling symbol (a triangle of arrows).  However, these codes were not developed to say that this product is recyclable, but rather to give potential recycling facilities an easy to identify key to what the product is made out of.  Most communities accept plastics 1 and 2, and some accept all plastics with resin codes.  Unfortunately though, the market for some recycled plastics is not high, so it is not profitable for a company to recycle them.

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