Are there any non hybrid versions of the Chevy volt?



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    Interestingly, GM does not consider the Chevy Volt to be a hybrid car. Rather, the Chevy Volt is considered to be an extended-range electric vehicle because it contains a powerful all-electric 161 horsepower 45KW motor that powers the car. The electric engine derives its power from a high-voltage battery back.

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    You could always pull out the gas components and fill the space with extra batteries to make it a pure electric car. Since it is a pretty new vehicle, I don’t think that anyone has done that yet. However, if you go to an Electric Auto Association meeting and bring it up as a topic of discussion, you will probably find someone who would be willing to help you do that. Electric Auto Association members have been building electric vehicles from the ground up for years, and many of them have also modified the early non-plug-in model of the Prius to become a plug-in car.

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