Are there any negative health effects of botox?



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    Many. Botox and Myobloc are basically tiny injections of a toxin called botulinum under the skin, which is derived from botulism, and if the chemicals spread beyond the injection site can cause, according to the FDA: “symptoms including difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, muscular weakness, drooping eyelids, constipation, aspiration pneumonia, speech disorder, facial drooping, double vision, or respiratory depression.” Basically, although approved by the FDA, it can poison you if the injection is performed incorrectly. Common side effects for even a normal dosing are pain at the injection site, flu symptoms, and stomach- and head-ache. At least sixteen people have died from this type of injection drug, although only one was cnfirmed as using it for cosmetic purposes (Botox can also be used to treat certain muscle disorders and other health problems).

    So yes, Botox can cause minor health problems if used correctly and major problems, up to and including death, if used incorrectly.

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    Yes. The Botox Cosmetic company reports side effects including dry mouth, tiredness; head, neck and injection site pain; various eye issues(dryness, drooping or swollen eyelids, vision problems) and allergic reactions. You should keep in mind though, that Botox (Botulinum toxin) has been described as the most acutely toxic substance known, lethal at doses of 1 ng (nanogram) per 1 kg of person’s weight. Botox documentation includes warnings of life-threatening conditions and recommends seeing a doctor in case of swallowing, speaking, and/or breathing problems. There’s also a chance of Botox effect spreading outside of intended area, causing muscle weakness including loss of bladder control and difficulty swallowing, besides other effects already mentioned.

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