Are there any negative effects of recycling?

I have to do an argumentitive paper, I chose that it should be a law to recycle. I need some oposing facts though.



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    I know some people who do not recycle, saying that the process of recycling uses more energy than it would take to create new recyclable items.  Another argument is that before humans will take environmental concerns seriously, they will have to run completely out of resources, so we may as well throw things away so that we run out sooner so that everyone takes environmental matters seriously sooner.  I’m not saying that either of these arguments are valid, but I’ve heard them used as defense against not recycling.

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    There are some potential negative effects of recycling.  First, many people argue that recycling costs more than simple disposal.  Although this isn’t a negative effect on the environment, it certainly is on your pocket.  Many problems can arise if recycling centers are poorly managed.  Lots of debris can build up and become unsanitary.  There are also some issues involving paper recycling.  In order to prepare the paper to become reusable, harsh chemicals are needed to bleach it.  These are some of the possible negative effects, but most can either be avoided or have benefits that greatly outweigh the costs.

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    Certain countries rely on extraction of minerals to sell on the market for production. If these materials are recyclable, then the demand for the good could go down because people would not have to buy as much new materials, thus hurting the countries economy. However, this is a very short-term approach to looking at economics, and a countries goal should be a sustainable economic program. A country should not extract all its resources at once, but rather maximize PVNB (present value of net benefits) by discounting future extraction profits.

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    While there are numerous benefits to recycling, there are a few environmental downsides to curbside recycling and the process of recycling itself. The process of breaking down glass, aluminum, and paper into materials that can be reused in other products takes energy. Unless a recycling plant uses totally renewable energy sources, then it is most likely using electricity created from petroleum. One must also consider the garbage and recycling truck fleet; the transportation of recycling alone accounts for a percentage of carbon emissions. As far as the actual process of recycling paper, many companies use extremely toxic bleaching chemicals to homogenize the paper pulp rendered. One can avoid such post-recycled good by purchasing non-bleached paper products.

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    why the heck wouldnt you recycle?? u get money 4 it!!

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    I personally don’t think so because Ii thick that recycling is a good thing.

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