Are there any negative aspects of a vegan diet?



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    While the positive aspects of a vegan diet are well-worth it for many vegans there are several negative aspects.  The first of these has to do with your own body and its health.  A vegan diet requires much more effort to get the right nutrients in your body like protein and vitamin B12 which are two things usually found in non-vegan foods.  To do this requires either taking extra vitamins, imbibing protein shakes and supplements, or simply planning out what one eats in order to make sure you are being healthy. Other negative aspects to be considered would be the difficulty of eating out in restaurants or with friends, having to constantly explain to people your reasonings for becoming vegan or answering what veganism is, and simply not being able to explore delicious foods that don’t exist in the vegan community.

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    Heydenseder has it pretty much right, the only thing she’s missed is that unless you specifically eat high iron foods your body can start to produce less red blood cells and therefore you will become more tired more quickly as your body is unable to transport the required amount of oxygen to your cells. This is really bad and you can end up in hospital with anaemia. Also some vegen foods can lack in proteins which can allow your muscles to go to waste as protein is needed to maintain their cells. So whilst it’s all good to become a vegan make sure you eat fruit and veges with high nutrients and vitamins as otherwise you can quickly become very sick.  

    (Knowledge from ex gf who ended up with anaemia in the hospital after not eating the right fruit and veges, she was almost in a coma by the time she got there. Extreme example though.)

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    It’s also difficult to be vegan.  More and more restaurants are offering vegan options but not nearly enough are.  It’s very challenging to go out to dinner with friends, on a date, or for a business meeting and order off the menu.  Living the vegan lifesyle is quite hard too.  Finding clothing and shoes is one thing, but trying to find vegan linens and such is extremely difficult.  Those who have had success becoming vegan – I applaud you and wish I had that kind of determination.  

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