Are there any natural ways to whiten your teeth?



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    Strawberries are said to contain a powerful astringent that removes surface stains, while the Vitamin C they contain whitens the teeth by clearing away plaque. 

    Chewing apples is said to mimic the bristling action of a toothbrush by getting rid of excess food and bacteria and removing surface stains.

    Eating raisins induces the flow of saliva, which in turn helps rinse away plaque.

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    Be careful when using natural teeth whitening remedies, because many oft-cited cures can actually damage your teeth!  For instance, lemon juice is one of the more popular remedies.  Yes, it works, but at the cost of stripping your teeth of enamel (and making them more cavity prone).  Strawberries also contain acid, and are almost as harmful as lemons.  

    The bottom line is that tooth whitening isn’t really a natural process.  Although they may be more pigmented than you would like, I’m sure that your teeth are healthy and strong the way they are.  You can keep them from becoming more yellow by drinking less coffee and tea, and brushing after meals.  

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    I think pauleen makes a great point about the potential health hazards to teeth whitening, however there are natural ways to safely whiten your teeth. Baking soda is a safe and natural way to not only clean but whiten your teeth. Baking soda has been used for teeth cleaning since the 18th century! Using baking soda to whiten your teeth is pretty simple:

    1) put 1 tsp of baking soda and a pinch of salt in a small glass

    2) dissolve in a small amount of water creating a paste

    3) brush your teeth as your normally would, and make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. 

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    Chewing on walnut bark is another good way to clean your teeth. You can also rub lemon oil and salt over your teeth, or you can rub orange peel on your teeth. Finally, you can also take some preventative measures and avoid extremely hot or cold beverages, coffee, tobacco, red wine, and caffeinated teas because they are known to stain your teeth.

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