Are there any natural predators for the peregrine falcon?



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    There are threats to the eggs and chicks, but, besides human beings, there aren’t really any natural predators for adult peregrine falcons.  According to the first site in the citations:

    Peregrine falcons have few natural threats and may live 15 years once they have learned to hunt. Predators such as raccoons and great-horned owls occasionally take eggs or chicks from the nests. People have posed the greatest threat to this master of the air. Shooting, taking of eggs and young, poisoning and habitat destruction all contributed to the decline of peregrine falcons from much of their historic range.


    DDT (a pesticide that has now been banned) was also a huge threat to peregrine falcons, a phenomena documented in Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring.

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    It is rare for an adult peregrine falcon to be hunted as prey, but peregrine falcon nests are the frequent targets of ravens, eagles, wolves, felids, jaguars, wolvarines, bears, and other peregrine falcons.  An adult peregrine can usually avoid these predators in the wild, but will stay and fight them in order to defend their nests and eggs.

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    Yes. Great-horned owls, gyrfalcons and golden eagles can kill adult peregrine falcons while mammalian predators such as raccoons, cats, bears and foxes can take nestlings and fledglings.

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