Are there any natural predators to the giraffe?



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    The giraffe has predators in lions and leapords. However, the giraffe is really only vulnerable when it drinking, because it cannot run or kick out while it is bent over drinking.


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    Lions and crocodiles are giraffe predators. Lions stalk watering holes and attack giraffes when they are drinking and in a vulnerable, non-defensive position. Crocodiles have the advantage of hiding in the water and similarly attack giraffes whilst they are drinking. 

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    Because of their size, adult giraffes have few natural predators, notably lions and crocodiles.  Young giraffes can fall prey to any number of predators native to the savannah, including hyenas, lions, leopards, and crocodiles (which pose a threat when drinking).

    One of the greatest threats to giraffes, however, are humans.  Giraffe tails, meat, and hide are all prized by humans, and they are poached for those reasons.  They are not an endangered species, thankfully, because they don’t compete with humans for food, nor do they compete with livestock.  

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    Giraffe’s, like all mammals, are also susceptible to viruses. A giraffe in captivity who was already sick with encephalitis was found to have acquired the Equine Herpesvirus Type 9. This giraffe lived in a zoo in the US. 

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