Are there any natural pain relievers?



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    Marijuana is known to be a natural pain reliever. Smoking or eating the plant/drug de-intensifies neurotransmission, suppressing the feeling of pain. However it is not a powerful pain-killer and should not be used as a substitute for synthetic drugs for incidents involving severe pain or trauma. Marijuana is subscribed to medical card-holders with chronic low-level pain. Consistent use of marijuana does have side-effects many side effects. 

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    Yes, there are LOTS!  The best natural pain killer to use usually depends on the type of pain you’re experiencing, but some of the most popular are: omega-3s, such as those found in fish oil supplements; capsaicin, a chemical found in chili pepers, can be used as a topical anitinflamatory to relieve arthritis and other pain; white willow bark, which is also effective at reducing fevers; and boswellia.

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    Natural pain relievers like turmeric, green tea, ginger, and rosemary work through a function similar to aspirin or ibuprofen. Like aspirin, they block an enzyme that is responsible for swelling and pain and can therefore treat and prevent pain caused by conditions like osteoarthritis. According to WebMD, turmeric is the most effective, and has even allowed some chronic pain sufferers to stop taking aspirin/ibuprofen completely. Turmeric can be bought in capsule form.

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    I use Yucca root a lot for joint pain. When I am in high humidity conditions, my knee joints will ache and feel restless. Yucca root is great for joint pain and doesn’t impact cholesterol negatively like Glucosamine / Chondroitin. I take capsules containing the herb since I don’t enjoy the taste of it very much to have as a tea. 

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