Are there any natural nail polishes?



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    Yes, there are natural nail polishes. Unlike regular nail polish, their natural counterparts are water based and do not contain chemicals and the noxious odor. A disadvantage of natural nail polish is they tend to not last as long as traditional nail polish.

    Examples of natural nail polishes:

    Acquarella Water Color Nail Polish dries quickly, and users like its shine and scent.

    Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish is reported to be resistant to chipping and also easy to apply.

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    There are natural nail products out there!  One brand, Go Natural, reports their nail polish as being water based, with no added chemicals, and with FDA approved colorants.  It is also hypoallergenic so as it would not cause any irritation or allergic reactions to skin or nails.  They also sell natural prime and top coat polishes.  In addition, Go Natural offers a natural, corn-based nail polish remover which claims to be almost odorless.  

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    There are so many different brands of eco-friendly nail polishes. This blogger talks about all of the brands she discovered. Sparitual is a brand that is completely vegan and comes in a verity of colors and finishes. The prices are similar to OPI. Priti NYC has a ton of fun colors and is 100% certified organic. Zoya is also a brand of natural polish worth looking into. She also recommends using The Tate Family odorless nail polish remover which is 100% natural.

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    I highly recommend Zoya.  It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, phthalates.  I have been using this brand of polish for years, and I believe it has more lasting power than any other nail polish out there that is more environmentally friendly/cruelty free.

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    Unfortunately, there are not significant differences between conventional and so-called natural nail polishes.  Read the attached article by an expert cosmetic chemist to learn more.

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    Yes, there is.Gaiam is one option, and they are pretty highly rated. Downside – they are quite pricey. Karma Organic is another brand. That said, like the previous answer has said – just because they are “natural” doesn’t mean they are safe. Just because something is less bad, doesn’t mean it is good. Firoze’s nail polish is noted for being paraben-free, however, they contain butyl and ethel acetate. Read the article, it’s an eye-opener.

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