Are there any natural hand sanitizers to use?



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    Yes, there are a lot of different natural hand sanitizers out there, and another option is to make a homemade recipe, as well. For example, the Clean-Well hand sanitizer is made without alcohol, triclosan, or benzalkonim chloride, and instead is made of a base from natural thyme oil, which can kill germs.

    I also attached below a recipe for making your own natural hand sanitizer, with the necessary ingredients being aloe gel, distilled water, grain alcohol, and essential oils (they give tea tree as a great natural antibacterial). 

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    Answers to previously asked GreenAnswer questions suggest Clean Well and greenwell.

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    There are tons of natural hand sanitizers!  Check out this link to buy them online – including brands like Dr. Clean, Pangea and Pevonia – all trusted eco-friendly and natural brands.

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    A recipe for a natural hand sanitizer is below:

    2 parts aloe gel (not juice)

    1 part distilled water (not tap water)

    1 part grain alcohol (vodka) (not isopropyl alcohol like you’d use in the bathroom)

    4-5 drops essential oil of choice (not fragrance oil) ***tea tree oil is a great antibacterial and smells good too!

    Mix everything together in a glass bowl with a plastic spoon.  Try to avoid metal as it may react with your ingredients.  Pour into plastic containers and voila, homemade natural hand sanitizer (that smells much better than that commercial stuff too)!  ***Use less water if you prefer a thicker product. 


    The recipe above is great for antibacterial hand sanitizer, but lemon and then salt also works great for removing stains from clothes, cleaning countertops, or sanitizing hands (you don’t need the salt if you’re using on your hands).  When used on countertops and on clothes, it is a natural replacement for bleach!

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