Are there any natural gas power plants?



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    Yes, most of the grid peaking power plants use natural gas nowadays – natural gas has been used to generate electricity since its transportation was made possible in the very early 1900s.  The cleanest-burning fossil fuel, natural gas is most efficient when used in a combined-cycle mode, using both steam turbines and gas turbines.

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    Yes, there appear to be many natural gas power plants, considering that 23.9 percent of all energy created in the U.S. came from natural gas-fired plants in August 2010. These natural gas power plants are powered through using the gas to heat water to produce steam to run a steam turbine, using the gas to run a gas-powered turbine, or a combination of the two known as combined-cycle units. These units use a gas-powered turbine, but use the waste heat from the turbine to produce steam.

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