Are there any natural energy supplements that I can buy?



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    Sure, but the best natural energy supplements are completely free: rest & proper diet.

    In terms of natural energy boosters, B vitamins are the best to start with. B1, 2, B3, B6, B9, & B12 will all help. 

    Another natural supplement that can help with energy is ginseng. 

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    There are many natural energy supplements. There are a variety of problems in finding one that is actually safe. First of all, most things are natural, including those that are bad for you. Ephedrine is a natural product derived from a plant. However, it is dangerous for the heart and has been banned by the FDA. Most natural supplements, are not monitored by the FDA because they are neither foods nor drugs. It takes a lot of confirmed cases linking a natural supplement to health problems before the FDA is willing/able to step in and add restrictions.

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    There are several natural energy supplements out there.  The most popular would be coffee, which is simply made from brewed coffee beans which come from a coffee plant.  If you aren’t much of a coffee drinker other options are available.  Look for items that use different natural plants such as guarana, ginseg, and acai.  Acai is becoming increasingly popular and is most commonly advertised as acai berries.  Some smoothie places offer acai berries in their smoothies.  Acai berries also come in convenient chewable forms for energy on the go.

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