Are there any natural and organic nail polish removers?



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    Here are some brands of natural and organic nail polish removers that I found:

    Honeybee Gardens




    Tate’s (all of the above are available here:

    Go Natural (available at

    Hope that helps!

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    I use CVS Biodegradable Nail Polish Remover. It works pretty well, I’m just not sure how biodegradable it really is because the ingredients do not sound natural to me.  

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    A solvent is required to remove (dissolve) nail polish from nails -whether they are conventional or so-called natural formulations.  Acetone is the most common chemical used in conventional nail polish removers.  In so-called natural formulations, acetone would be replaced with another solvent ingredient such as ethanol (ethyl alcohol), methyl acetate or 2-propanone.  Other ingredients may include nail conditioners and fragrance.

    You can learn more about the ingredients in nail polishes -conventional and natural -in the attached article, written by the cosmetic chemist expert at

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