Are there any music studios that are good for the environment?



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    Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records, built a sustainable music studio. It is called Brushfire Eco Studios. You can watch a tour of the studios here:

    Some of the features of this studio that make is ‘green’ are:

    • Solar panels
    • Wall insulation made from 100% post consumer waste
    • Duro-Last Green Roof
    • Recycled Shingles
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    Synthtopia, a recording studio in the UK, has just finished a three year long project to refurbish their suite of 14 recording studios.  Their most environmentally friendly studio is Studio 13.  Apparently it’s the first fully professional solar powered recording studio in the UK.  It was built using recycled materials wherever possible, and its electronics are adapted to be managed with a low energy demand.

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    There is also a very eco-conscious recording studio in Maui, Hawai’i called Grace Recording Studio.  It uses PV systems to generate 100% of its own electricity.

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