Are there any music festivals that are put on to help the environment?



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    Yes.  In fact there are many environmental music festivals.  There’s the Green Music Fest in Chicago, the Live Earth Concert in London, the Clearwater Festival, the Wychwood Music Festival, and many, many others.  You can do an internet search for environmental music festivals to find out if there are any in your area.

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    In addition to festivals designed to fundraise for environmental causes, the music festival scene is also experiencing a rise in music festivals with aims of being sustainable.  Rothbury music festival in Michigan, which has been postponed for this summer but will go on again in 2011, focuses on its own sustainability.  Additionally, it hosts an even with the event: the Think Tank, which is a live green discussion forum and a chance for people of all walks of life to engage in enlightening discussion of relevant issues. 

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    Although these festivals are primarily about the music, don’t forget about Recycalusa at Wakarusa and Planet Roo at Bonnaroo. Also, Burning Man makes great strides to be environmentally conscious.

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