Are there any movies made about the electric car?



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    There was a documentary made in 2006 called “Who Killed the Electric Car?” It is about the birth and death of the electric car and discusses the possibilities of renewable energy. Check out the IMDB summary here

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    As tigerlily11 mentioned “Who Killed the Electric Car?” is a great documentary about electric cars. I have watched it myself, and I highly recommend it. It is very well-done. “Who Killed the Electric Car?” focuses on the EV1, but the EV1 was not the only electric car that was leased and taken off the road. Honda’s EV Plus was another electric car that was leased, then subsequently taken away for their drivers and crushed. I know someone who leased an EV Plus, and you can read about him here:

    “Revenge of the Electric Car” is a follow-up to “Who Killed the Electric Car?” that was recently released. I have not seen it yet, but I hope to see it soon 🙂

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