Are there any more sustainable alternatives to paper towels that are still disposable?



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    No, as far as disposable items that share the purpose of paper towels, there really are none except for paper towels.  Technically they are made from trees, so they are relatively sustainable, but obviously they aren’t the most environmentally friendly.  You can, however, buy 100% recycled paper towels that will cost you a little bit extra but are definitely a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper towels.

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    This might sound like a smart alec remark, however after washing my hands in a public washroom, I shake my hands in the sink until they are no longer dripping, and I wipe them dry on my pants.  Assuming that the pants material is not sullied, there should be no transport of harmful bacteria back onto your hands.  Water also quickly evaporates on skin, so you do not need them to be completely dry to be clean.

    This is clearly not reasonable if you are trying to clean windows, or a table, or kitchen counter, but for these uses, you can employ microfiber cloths, hygienic sponges or cloths, or any washable fabric.  For cleaning glass, news paper is incredibly efficient, and compostable (as long as a high-chemical cleaner was not used).

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    Actually, there’s a new great paper towel alternative called the Bambooee towels which are reusable towels made of the sustainable bamboo plant. While these can be reused, you could also throw them away after one use and it’d still better for the environment than one time use paper towels.  These Bamboee towels are even shaped like regular paper towels so you can place them on paper towel holders and rip them off like normal paper towels. 

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