Are there any monkeys that are red?



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    I haven’t come across any red monkeys. Orangutans are orangeish though, if that helps.

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    The Red Colobus monkey and the Patas monkey are two examples of red-colored monkeys.

  3. jet
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    There is also the Red Howler Monkey (Alouatta seniculus):

    As well as dtsang’s mentioned Red Colobus:

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    The Red Uakari

     It has a red bald head and bright orange fur. These cute endangered monkeys are about the size of a cat and live in the Amazon rainforest.

     The Proboscis Monkey

    This monkey lives exclusively on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Their prominent fleshy nose is the basis for their name (proboscis). Their nose is used as a resonator to indicate when they are excited, angry or sense danger.

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