Are there any military bases that have 100% renewable energy?



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    Of more than 700 military bases globally and a very poor environmental record, the US Defense Department is making investments in green technology, but if any such green bases do exist, they would be very rare. In 2010, the DOD will receive over $4 billion for “environmental programs”. In 2004, DOD started a “Green Procurement Program” for supplies and materials and has other environmentally oriented policies. Conservation, Restoration, Compliance, and Pollution Prevention are the DOD’s main focus, though they have been criticized for achieving little in any of these areas.

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    The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest consumer of energy in the country and they are starting to recognize (especially after the last spike in oil prices) that it is in everyone’s best interest to focus on renewable energy.  So far, none of the bases are 100% renewable energy but many are taking steps in the right direction.

    By 2014, Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert will be taking advantage of its sunny locale and will be powered solely by solar energy, with no fossil fuel emissions.

    At Guantanamo Bay, wind turbines are being installed that will provide 25% of the base’s power.
    Other bases, like one in Guam, are moving forward on PV systems, solar panels, solar water heating and LED lights.

    Besides the obviously huge energy savings and reduction in emissions, these changes could save lives as fuel convoys are often targeted.

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