Are there any meat eating insects?



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    There are many carnivorous insects: praying mantises, ladybugs, dragonflies, some ants, and many types of beetles just to name a few.  One notable beetle, the Dermestid beetle, is one of nature’s garbage-men.  These beetles eat dead animals, skin, hair and feathers and help clean up decaying matter.  They are also used in the taxidermy and forensics fields.  There are many pictures available via Google, however some are a little graphic so I did not post any.   

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    Yes indeed! Some common types of carnivorous insects include the praying mantis, which eats about any small insect it can get its claws on:

    the unsuspecting-looking ladybug, which eats aphids:

    and the pretty dragonfly, which eats mosquitoes and other small flying insects:

    Other carnivorous inscets include many species of mosquitoes and wasps, ants and beetles.

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