Are there any mattress recycling services?



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    Yes. It’s important to properly recycle your mattress, since they are full of materials and chemicals that harmful to the environment. They are not accepted at typical recycling centers and most charities won’t accept them (health regulations). One good way to recycle your mattress is to give it a new home. Try posting on Craigslist to see if someone in the area can use it. Or contact, a company which “pledges to do everything possible to keep materials it picks up out of landfills.” They will haul it away for you.

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    There are quite a number of companies that are committed to keeping old mattresses out of landfills. They work by taking in your mattresses, sometimes for a fee, so that they can recycle salvageable materials from your old beds. These materials include steel innards and polyurethane foam. You can look up mattress recycling centers in your area through

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