Are there any major safety issues with electric cars?



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    One of the main safety issues with electric cars is its lack of sound due to its missing engine noise. Nissan, Toyota and BMW have all been cited as considering the addition of sounds that would announce the presence of their cars on the road. This issue came to light during a study at the University of California, Riverside, where blindfolded subjects were asked to listen to recordings of cars approaching at five miles per hour. The subjects could not identify a Prius until it came within eleven feet, affording them less than two seconds to react before the vehicle reached its position. This is a problem due to pedestrians, especially blind pedestrians, not being able to react/ hear a car approaching.

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    The major environmental safety issues with electric cars is the manufacturing and disposal of the batteries. Batteries are made of toxic or corrosive materials some of which are cadmium and mercury, lead and lithium. These materials become hazardous waste and pose threats to humans and the environment. Although, these batteries can be downcycled into other materials (which is not sustainable because the former materials cannot be recovered) they still emit pollutants and consume resources in their manufacturing and recycling processes.

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