Are there any luxury diesel hybrids that are going to be available in the United States?



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    Although GM, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Peugot are among the companies that produce diesel hybrids, none are available for sale in the United States, and none have been approved for U.S. production in the near future. Many models are still in the concept stage, but there are a couple options currently on the market in Europe, with more to come. Diesel hybrids are still comparatively pricey, but the good news is that further developments can result in the eventual production of hybrids that operate on biodiesel fuels.

    You may also want to inquire with experts at Wired magazine (see a 2005 article below), which has been tracking the progress of diesel hybrids for years.

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    That being said, there are other types of luxury hybrids available (BMW has a hydrogen 7 series, very pricey, and Lexus has their 330h hybrid vehicle). These cars are very expensive because your paying not only for the luxury brand but also for the advanced hybrid technology. However, if you have the money they could be a good investment. 

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