Are there any plants that love salt water?



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    Salt-resistant plants are called Halophytes. They are found in salt marshes and mangrove swamps. Halophytes deal with the salt in their environment by eliminating it through special salt-secreting glands in their fleshy, gray-green leaves. Example include the saltbush Atriplex and mangrove trees.

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    Indeed. I’m not sure that they “love” it, but there are a handful (2% of all species, by one estimate) of plant species specially adapted to survive in high-salt environments that would kill other plants. All of the sea and estuarine grasses (such as smooth cordgrass) can handle salty water, for example. Mangroves are another excellent example. All plants which use salty water have developed ways to process the excess salt. Salt-tolerant plants are called halophytes.

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