Are there any liquor companies that are trying to manufacture their product more green?



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    360 Vodka is advertised as being eco-friendly, mostly in regards to its packaging and marketing.  Charbay Vodka and Orange V Vodka are examples of organically made vodkas. 

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    There actually are various liquor companies that are now trying to go green! One example is the TRU Organic Spirits company that recently came out with the “TRU2 Gin” that is apparently sustainable and completely environmentally- friendly. This company also does various other things to help the environment, such as planting a tree for every bottle of Gin or Vodka sold. 

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    Samuel Smith brewery, in Tadcaster, England, makes many USDA certified organic ales and lagers.  Unfortunately, Wikipedia states that the brewery does not have a Web site, and therefore it is difficult to obtain the full extent of information needed to decide whether or not purchasing an organic ale from England is ecologically friendly.

    That’s why, especially when it comes to beer, your best bet is to drink locally.  Not only is your beer going to taste better (mediocre fresh beer is better than great shipped beer), but the cost of production and energy used to get the beer to you will be sufficiently less!


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