Are there any legitimate arguments against banning BPA in food containers?

What am I missing? Is it not banned in the US yet just because of the strength of the packaging and food industries?



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    I’m not sure why it isn’t banned since it is linked to so many health effects.  My senator George Runner in CA told me that he voted against banning BPA because because

    “in studies conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Food Safety Authority, and European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food it has been consistently shown that there is no scientific basis to ban childcare products made with BPA. In short, the science on the effects of BPA is inconclusive and I don’t believe that legislators should be able to overrule the findings of a scientific panel”

    This answer was not acceptable to me because these agencies are biased in their science and are not always the best source for unbiased information.

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