Are there any least harmful cigarettes?



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    Cigarettes are inherently harmful; inhaling smoke into your lungs is unhealthy, however you go about it.  However, you can avoid the extra chemicals and carcinogens put into cigarettes by tobacco companies by rolling your own with pure, organic tobacco.

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    Some say that e-cigs are less harmful.  They do offer an option to control the potency as they have cartridges of varying Nicotine strength, from none to 16mg.  Also, not inhaling all of the chemical’s in traditional cigarettes smoke is better, since the e-cig is a vapor of Nicotine and propylene glycol (which is still a chemical and long term effects are unknown at this point).

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    While, in fact, we know little about the long-term health effects of using electronic cigarettes, they are arguably less harmful than traditional cigarettes in that they do not have the toxic additives and chemicals known to be carcinogenic that are found in tobacco cigarettes. They are also free of tar that stains your teeth and nails. 

    The FDA has yet to regulate e-cigarettes though, and so, information published on the e-cigs primarily comes from their manufacturers, who are inherently biased.  Be advised that the e-cigarettes do have diethylene glycol in them – a chemical used in antifreeze that can be toxic to humans – but it is unclear if the levels in the cigarettes are substantial enough to be harmful. 

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