Are there any leafy plants that do well in heat?



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    The main problem with many leafy vegetables during the summer time is that they tend to bolt – grow a long, thick stalk with emaciated leaves, and produce flowers and seed. This is undesirable, of course, if you want to eat the leaves. Bolting can be triggered by soil temperatures, so sometimes it is very difficult to prevent if a plant is not in partial shade for at least some of the day.

    Still, there are plants that tend not to bolt and produce leafy food all summer long. Collard greens, kale, swiss chard, lambsquarter, and beet greens can be available throughout the hottest months, but for a more robust list, check out the link below.


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    Yes, there are many heat-tolerant leafy plants. Some heat-tolerant leafy plants to check out are Amaranth, Buttercrunch butterhead lettuce, White Boston butterhead lettuce, Malabar Spinach, Black Seeded Simpson leaf lettuce, Ethiopian Kale, Red Salad Bowl leaf lettuce, Cauliflower, Salad Bowl leaf lettuce, Ruby leaf lettuce, Cimmaron romaine lettuce, and Green Ice leaf lettuce.

    For much more detailed information on these leafy plants and other heat-tolerant leafy plants, you should check out these sites:

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    I live in DC and the temperature has been in excess of 100 degrees lately. One plant that seems to not be affected by the heat is english ivy. English ivy isn’t just a climbing plant, but also surves as a lovely, thick ground cover. I’ve seen it growing in both full shade and full sun.

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